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My exercise routine: Weights vs. Cardio

Posted by Mirela Mendoza on

Mi rutina de ejercicios: Pesas vs. Cardio - Mirela Mendoza

When exercising I’ve always thought that the most important thing is getting a routine that leads me to the results I want to see. Different sequences and machines work specific muscles and help me focus on the areas that I want to strengthen during a workout. However, there are some things that I consider fundamental when designing my exercise plan. One of them is weight training. Many times, people ask me why my routine includes weights, fearing that if they include strength workouts, they will get a masculine frame. In my experience this is one of the greatest myths about exercising.


The core of my routine is maintenance of muscle tissue, that’s why I only do a few minutes of cardio a day and then focus on strength training. Weights help you strengthen and maintain muscle mass, especially if you are one of those women who do a lot of cardio; because then muscular mass gets compromised. By training with weights, you are creating new muscle, which is one of the best ways to burn fat. That's why I always recommend strength training, your metabolism gets accelerated and muscles, bones and joints are strengthened. This helps you build resistance and avoid sagging.


Many times, as women we are obsessed with weight, when what really matters is the quality of that weight. Muscle is much heavier than fat, but it takes up less space. For me, cardio generates large losses of water, which cause aging and dry skin. That is why I will always prefer strength training and exercising with weights, which has brought me extraordinary results. In each case, you must find the right balance between these two activities to create the routine that best suits you.



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