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About Me

My name is Mirela Mendoza. I am a mother, actress, model and entrepreneur.

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela. I started my career at 17 as an actress and model in my home country, debuting on the prestigious Radio Caracas Television channel. During the next 10 years I made a recognized career with more than 12 dramas, where I stood out as an antagonist; as well as cinema and theater projects. My career prompted me to be the image of recognized national and international brands, reaching the United States, Mexico and Spain.

In 2008 I had my first daughter, Sofia, so I decided to take some time away from the cameras to devote myself to my family. Soon I moved to the United States with the intention of studying English and expanding my professional horizons. In 2010 I had the wonderful fortune of becoming a mother for the second time, with the arrival of my son Ernesto. For 7 years I was totally dedicated to my role as mom and wife. In this new facet I discovered many things about me, among them I always highlighted my creative passion focused on decoration, the table and fashion, as a faithful admirer of beauty.

In 2016 I decided to reinvent myself, so I founded my store in Miami, Le Papillon Decor Gallery; a space where I had the opportunity to share my vision and my taste. Fashion is my means of expression, a way of communicating with my environment and adapting to it. I am passionate about the process of putting together an outfit, choosing certain pieces according to the occasion. Modeling and creating concepts have helped me share my style and my vision of fashion with the people around me.

I consider myself an admirer of women and our ability to achieve different goals at the same time, playing roles as diverse as those of mothers, entrepreneurs and wives; without leaving behind our individuality and personal goals. That is why I have been interested in sharing the tools and stories that have helped me in the different facets of my life. This is how this project was born, creating the opportunity to build a platform that can help other women to achieve what they set out and share a little more about me, my tastes, my passions and each of my roles as a woman.

I like to give 100% and impregnate with my style everything I do: My shop, my tables, the events I organize, my trips and even my outfits. I believe in the talent that each of us has to create something extraordinary and in the power to give our best to really make a difference. The world needs more people who exceed normal standards and take their talent to another level to impact splendidly on the world around us. Therefore, I believe that every day we can do something extraordinary.