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My Travel Beauty Basics

Posted by Mirela Mendoza on

We all have a routine that fits certain moments. Many times, the products we use change depending on whether it is morning, nighttime, if you are going to be exposed to the sun or the weather is very cold. For me it is essential to have a travel routine, because often traveling by plane leaves the skin tired and very dehydrated. The combination of cabin pressure, low humidity and a lack of oxygen inside the artificial airplane environment is to blame. This is a something that I have very present when I pack my hand luggage, so I can have at hand the right skincare products to avoid landing with a dry skin.

Today I want to share my skincare routine, as well as some tips that can help you land looking gorgeous and refreshed, wherever you go!

La Hydration es Key

At the airport I usually look for a store to get some basic travel supplies, what is the most important thing? a bottle of water! You can’t keep yourself hydrated if you’re not drinking water. This is super important on a flight, no matter how long I'll be on board, I drink a 32 oz. water bottle to make sure I stay well hydrated, because in these cases beauty goes from the inside out.

Facial Cleansing

Once I'm on board I focus on drinking enough water and resting. This moment is ideal to disconnect or read a book. After a while, I start my facial routine. The first step is to take off the makeup to allow your skin to breathe on board. In a plane it is complicated to perform a complete cleaning routine, so I always use makeup remover wipes, they are super practical and save space in my hand luggage. I use and recommend Neutrogena facial wipes to clean my face, I simply love them!

Keep the glow

Once you are on the plane, start with a gentle moisturizing mist or a thermal water to wake up your skin and refresh it. As I mentioned, planes are extremely dry environments so the more hydration you provide your skin, the happier it will be. I am always spraying my face; it is the only way to prevent it from becoming dehydrated. The constant use of a facial mist helps the skin feel fresh and bright once you reach your destination.

Avoid tired eyes

To prevent my eyes from feeling tired or running the risk of getting puffy, I use a gel eye mask. This always helps me soothe the skin under the eyes, which is very delicate and prone to inflammation. Eye patches are perfect for short flights and will give you a rested look. You can always use them in the last hour of the flight to give extra hydration to the skin before landing.

Relaxing time

For a deep hydration, particularly through long-haul flights, I love having a hydrating sheet mask on hand to put on board. It is the perfect way to relax for a few hours and give your skin a hydration boost. You can also opt for a wash off treatment you can take off before landing.

I take this time to meditate, catch up with the reading I’m doing or check some magazines. One of my favorite activities while traveling is going to different pharmacies and looking at the hydrating sheet masks they have, that way I can have a couple to use during my stay and the flight back home.

You are ready for landing! Getting used to having a flight beauty routine will keep your skin looking healthy and hydrated as well as keep you entertained during your never-ending flight. Just remember to stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water and to make sure that all the products in your travel kit are 100 ml or less.

You'll arrive with an extraordinary glow to your destination and your skin will be luminous and rested!

Some of my favorite products

Pixi Glow Glycolic Boost 

SkinRepublic Hyaluronic Acid Mask 

Patchology nighy restoring eye gels 

Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray

Garnier Hyaluron Shot 

Avene Eu Thermale 

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  • Me encanta tus recomendaciones. Aunque no viajo muy seguido en aviones. Me gustaría compartieras tipo de tu alimentación y rutinas de ejercicios. Gracias 😘

    Oraima on

  • Me encanta tus recomendaciones. Aunque no viajo muy seguido en aviones. Me gustaría compartieras tipo de tu alimentación y rutinas de ejercicios. Gracias 😘

    Oraima on

  • excellent tips please tell us about keeping your hair always flawless especially in miami’s relentless weather

    Kiamna on

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