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My beauty treatments for gorgeous skin

Posted by Mirela Mendoza on

Where does beauty lay? If we talk about physical features or bodies, there are many tastes and standards around the world. Different ways of dressing or putting on makeup can be considered beautiful in a woman. For me, there is only one universal thing in beauty, and it is that amazing glow that a healthy skin and hair gives.

Maintaining beautiful skin requires discipline. I am a believer in prevention, rather than correction. When it comes to putting together my beauty routine, I’ve always believed that the main thing is to focus on preventive treatments. No matter your age or when you started to apply a new treatment, the best thing you can do with your face is to keep it healthy. Creating good habits is essential, there is nothing like a high consumption of fruits and vegetables, along with good hydration to start caring for your skin. I always repeat that beauty is something that you build from the inside out. If you also focus on preventive treatments, you will give your skin that extraordinary glow.

When it comes to prevention, there are several treatments that have become fundamental for me: radio frequency stimulation, the DermaPen and a facial cleansing. I get a session of radiofrequency done once a month; it involves the application of electromagnetic waves that act from within the skin and help you form new collagen, prevent sagging, improve blood circulation and reduce toxins. It’s a spectacular treatment to keep skin bright and healthy, especially when you are under drastic weather changes or have not been able to hydrate as well as necessary. In addition, it is the ideal treatment to reduce the size of the pores.

The DermaPen is a microneedling device, which makes small punctures in the upper layer of the skin, generating a repair process that helps rejuvenate the skin, restoring collagen and elastin through a natural healing process. This new collagen and elastin improve the quality and texture of the skin, making it feel softer and firmer; giving me that natural and fresh look that I love.

Finally, the most important thing in my routine is facial cleansing. I do it every three weeks to remove dead cells and balance my skin. This step is essential, because you must decongest your skin and pores from the impurities, oils and contamination to which they are subjected daily. Without a good facial cleansing, no matter how many products you are applying, they will not penetrate the skin in the same way. A good cleaning is the key to getting the results you expect if you are applying a new treatment or cream.

These habits, combined with good hydration and never leaving home without sunscreen, help brighten the face and keep it healthy. What I like most about preventive treatments is that they give a deep boost to your beauty routine and generate extraordinary results. Remember, it's never too late to start caring for your skin!


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