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MUST HAVE: Jumpsuit

Posted by Mirela Mendoza on

Jumpsuits are a classic that never falls out of style. In addition to that, their cut and confection give us a lot of versatile outfits. Depending on the fabric and the accessories with which you combine them, they can be used during the day or also for the night. For me, they are a center piece, it often is the center of attention. They are a basic in my closet because they give me many options to combine. With just changing accessories you can go from a casual look, with tennis and a sports jacket, to a much more elegant look by adding stilettos, a belt or some statement earrings.

I love them not only for how they look, but also for what they symbolize: female heroism. At the beginning of the 20th century, professional aviators and racing drivers used it. From there it jumped to the catwalks of Paris, under the influential and creative eye of Coco Chanel. Since that moment, all the great fashion houses have incorporated them into their collections.

The versatility of this piece is closely linked to how you accessorize it. You can always opt for a jumpsuit with heels or high boots to stylize your figure and look taller. For accessories, I like to go for the classics and choose a jacket or a belt. Ideally, try different styles and find the combinations that make you feel more 

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