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Tulum's Extraordinary Travel Guide

Posted by Mirela Mendoza on

Right on the Caribbean coastline of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula is Tulum. With a turquoise sea and white beaches, this little piece of paradise feels like a movie location. Here the jungle and the beach gain magnificence and power when in contrast with the town's incredibly well-preserved ruins of an ancient Mayan city. Tulum is, without a doubt, an extraordinary destination. Here, you can get the opportunity to be part of a midnight ritual on the beach, receive an uplifting yoga class, or simply enjoy meditation in connection with nature and ancient cultures.

Everything in Tulum has a compelling vibe that makes you feel genuinely empowered by your surroundings. You'll find people from all over the world enjoying the sun, the beach stripe decorated with art and inspiring quotes, and a welcoming smile from the locals at every stop. It's the perfect place to get some rest, clear your mind, and connect with yourself.  


Take a break in Tulum

If you are planning a getaway and want to visit Tulum, you can stay at the beach or in the town. I recommend staying on the beach, as it's the most active area and you can enjoy a variety of food and activities while having the sea near. Many of the Hotels and Resorts offer you a unique experience centered on relaxing and connecting with nature. Here's my list with the best of them.


Most of the hotels in Tulum blend organically with its surroundings. Nomade focuses on providing an experience that honors ancient Mayan culture and traditions. Their architectural approach is very sustainable, taking advantage of local materials and using them to create a bridge with nature. One of my favorite things about Nomade is its holistic approach. Even if you don't stay there, you can grab a drink in the bar, enjoy a beautiful experience with sacred fire rituals, or participate in their wellness program focused on healing and connecting with yourself.

Be Tulum 

This is where I stayed, and I loved that this hotel is ideally located in the center of the beach strip, allowing you to visit local bars, restaurants, and shops on foot. It has a very boho-chic feel, mostly immersed in the Quintana Roo jungle, the hotel's suites are decorated with natural materials and wood finishes inspired by Tierra, Fuego, Océano, Arena and other natural elements from Tulum. You feel deeply connected with nature walking barefoot or enjoying a spa day at the Yäan Healing Sanctuary. They offer pre-hispanic indigenous treatments and relaxing detox rituals that are a great way to cleanse body and spirit.

Casa Malca

If you want to enjoy luxury and art in the middle of a natural paradise, Casa Malca is the place you're looking for. The former mansion of Pablo Escobar was renovated and turned into a stunning five-star accommodation. Inside, you can find items from Lio Malca's collection, the prominent art dealer from New York who owns the state. Featuring pieces from Marina Abramovic, Sunil Gawde, Yue Minjun, and Keith Haring, The conjunction of modern art with the natural beauty of Tulum’s beach is breathtaking, creating a unique experience. They even have a hidden steam room that exits directly to the underground pool.

Grabbing a bite in Tulum

When it comes to food, Tulum offers one of the widest varieties that can go from an organic juice bar and raw-vegan options to tasting a little bit of Italy on the beach or discovering Mexican fusion cuisine. Every place you eat honors their beautiful surroundings with outdoor tables or a gorgeous view of the jungle. With a distinctive personality and menu, these were my favorite places to eat in Tulum.

Posada Margherita 

I loved this little piece of Italy in the middle of Tulum's Caribbean beach. With more than 20 years, they bring out the best of Italian cuisine tradition in a warm, rustic home. Their menu is very organic, but it keeps true to the Italian recipes from their nonna's kitchen in Genoa. You can enjoy a dish of pasta made from scratch, a delicious pizza with traditional dough, or a homemade gelato inspired by the local flavors.

Rosa Negra

Rosa Negra was by far my favorite place to eat in Tulum. Their entire menu pays tribute to Latin American gastronomic tradition with dishes from Peru, Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico. It seems like every place you visit in Tulum connects with their surroundings and shows a magnificent coexistence with nature, Rosa Negra is no exception. The design is very rustic and bohemian, with so many details that honor the traditional craft and textures from the Mayan culture. I enjoyed every part of the experience, but the food is just to die for!


They have a micro-seasonal approach to their menu, which means they take advantage of many vegetables that have short seasons. Inspired by flora and fauna of Tulum's, they offer Mexican food deeply rooted in ancient traditions and flavors from Mexico. With a great open fire to cook, the whole experience centers around the Latin way of eating: small plates meant to be shared with the people you love. The general ambiance, service, and wine compliment the top quality cooking.

Discovering Tulum's Wonders

The mystical cenotes

In the Yucatan Peninsula, there is a network of 10,000 cenotes. They are natural lagoons that formed millions of years ago when the sea level dropped, and the limestone gradually filtered the water, creating caves and tunnels. These natural pits have fresh and crystal clear water that Mayans believed to have healing powers. There are cenotes all-around Tulum, and you can explore some of the most famous such as Gran Cenote, Cenote Calavera, Cenote Dos Ojos, Cenote Ik Kil, or the Suytun Cenote.

The Azulik Gallery

Azulik Hostel is known for its unique architecture and sustainable approach to tourism. Everything in the hotel is designed like a treehouse in the middle of the jungle, taking maximum advantage of the resources available. There you'll find SFER IK Museion, a creative sphere-like gallery with exhibitions of some of the world’s finest visual artists. They share the vision that art can be enjoyed by everyone, and enable local communities to access the creative sphere, through arts and crafts workshops.

Everyone in Tulum was interested to hear our story and willing to share their own. The people are warm, the gastronomic proposals are innovative, and even the fashion connects to the beach and the jungle. I'd love to come back; it was an experience that allowed me to rest, breathe deep, and be grateful for every little gift mother nature has given to us.


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