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Skincare for Teens: Sofia's Routine

Posted by Mirela Mendoza on

A lot of the habits our children take are learned through watching their parents! From eating healthy to working out or having a healthy routine, most of the habits that will help them in the future are established in their childhood. Sofia and I share a passion for fashion and beauty, and just as I was growing up, she’s always been very feminine. There are many of my habits that she wants to replicate, because she’s learned that for me it is vital to take care of my skin, eat balanced and stay active. This undoubtedly has influenced her interest in personal care.

Nowadays, kids and teens have access to a lot of information our generation never had. How healthy could our skins be if we had started to wear sunscreen in our teen years? I wish I had started a lot earlier to take care of those little things that can make a huge impact on our health as adults. The thing is there are thousands of skincare and makeup gurus on Instagram and Tiktok, and they are constantly exposed to all that info. While it's a positive thing that kids are more interested in topics like skincare and want to be a part of the trend, our job as parents is to filter out many of the things they see and provide options that are right for them. Not so much for a matter of beauty, but health.

When to start with Teen Skincare?

Protecting our children's skin is important since they are babies, but we often focus only on providing hydration and sun protection. The skin is the largest organ of the body and its appearance can make a big difference in a child’s self-esteem. Just around 11 or 12 years old is the age when bodies begin their march into puberty and experience the first big hormonal changes, which is why having healthy skin care habits can make a huge impact on our children's lives. A good starting point is to include a gentle facial cleanser in their routine and encourage the use of sunscreen. Starting out gradually with a doable skincare routine when your child shows an interest or when a need arises is always a great approach.

Sofia's Routine

Since Sofia is very interested in skincare, and in a way wants to replicate what she sees on social networks and at home, we consultes and developed an age-appropriate routine.I think the most important thing it's not what a product does, or if it is a certain brand, but how she's getting a habit that will keep her skin healthy for the years to come. We are both learning and trying new things, so I try to guide her and get things that are appropriate for her age and her skin.

1. Since Sofía is also getting interested in makeup, it’s important that she learns to remove everything from her face before she applies a cleanser. We both useGarnier Micellar Cleansing Water, and this is a step many can overlook.

2. I always remind her of the importance of a clean face, since this is the age when breakouts usually start, she applies theGlossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

3. Applying moisturizer it’s important to avoid a dry face after cleansing, and to protect the skin against pollution. She likes theClinique iD Oil-Control Gel

4. A lightweight +SPF 30 sunscreen is one of the most important parts of any teen routine since they're often going outside, playing sports, or at the pool. Sofía uses Glossier Invisible Shield

5. For me, it's really important to hydrate my skin with Thermal Water or a Facial Mist during the day. She loves using Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray to hydrate and refresh.

The fundamental thing is that she learns the importance of taking good care of her skin. So much of our jobs as moms involve providing our children with the skills and habits they need to live happy and healthy lives when they are on their own, good skincare habits are an essential piece of that!