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My Easter Table

Posted by Mirela Mendoza on

One of the things I like most about Easter is the opportunity to celebrate nature and the arrival of spring. This time of year symbolizes transformation and the emergence of new life. After winter, the plants and trees turn green, animals return from hibernation, and flowers begin to sprout. That’s why I wanted to celebrate this Easter by recreating a small garden to make a different lunch at home.

The Flowers

Tulips, Buttercups, and Anemones

Since my central concept was a garden, my starting point had to be flowers. When choosing what type of flowers you want to include in your arrangement, it is essential to think about the flower of the season, as they will be much easier to get. I chose Buttercups and Anemones because they come in a wide variety of colors and give your decor an air of spring freshness. Both are Winter-Spring flowers, perfect for this season. The tulips that I chose are very special because they are a variety that seems to makes two buds when opened, as if they were double, giving a super leafy appearance to the arrangement.






Soft Pink

The Color Palette

Green, White and Soft Pink

When choosing my color palette I wanted it to be very fresh and give my table a soft look, so I chose my flowers in a combination of whites and pinks. I wanted soft pink to be the color that stood out, so I went with pink buttercups to be central in the arrangements. They are a very attractive and leafy flower, although they are not always used as a central part of the arrangement, I love the look they give. I chose green placemats to continue with the garden theme, I really like these ones because they are shaped like leaves. On the side table, I used a green path that gives a grass effect, creating a garden along with the flowers.


The Decor

Contemporary rustic style

For the table, I wanted natural style arrangements. To maintain the garden concept, I used clear bases of different heights, which allowed me to respect the natural drop of the flowers. I like the effect this style has on the table, avoiding overly arranged bouquets, it allows flowers to be the center of attention and creates a blooming effect on your table.

For my garden, I used bases that combined rustic materials such as baskets and tin watering cans. In addition, I used smooth St. James serving pieces and my MOOD by Christofle case, its oval shape makes it a must-have in the Easter decoration. As I don't have many seasonal decorations and I don't like to over load the table, I used these tiny grass bunnies in the garden. At the table, I used small woven baskets, in a neutral color, with some Easter eggs to keep it festive.

The Table

I chose an appropriate tableware for the hour, which gives warmth to lunch and helps maintain the natural look of the decor. The Juliska Classic Bamboo collection is an option that gives the table a relaxed setting, I like using it for brunches and lunches. I combined with Bamboo flatware by Alain Saint Joanis and a set of green cups from Pickard China.


You can find all the products at www.lepapillongallery.com

What else would you like to know to make an extraordinary table at home?

I’d love to read your comments ✨

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