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Basic steps to set a beautiful table

Posted by Mirela Mendoza on

Want to have a sweet gesture towards your family by having a special meal together? Your first idea will probably be to look for recipes everyone at home enjoys and picking a good bottle of wine. Setting the table is often a hurried, last-minute thing you do when the food is almost ready. But adding a little extra thought on creating a lovely space for you and your loved ones to share a meal will be highly appreciated!

A beautiful table is also an extraordinary way to show your family that you care about them and that a meal is special. And it doesn’t have to involve buying new plates or vases to create a gorgeous gathering! Some of the most beautiful tables can include a simple arrangement of flowers and everyday dishes. It’s all about the little things that make this occasion special!

If you follow my Instagram, you've probably noticed that I love sharing the tables I create for my friends and family. I even started my own store focused on the table and home decor, but today I want to share with you some simple steps I take to create a beautiful table with the things you may have at home!

Get inspired!

You can start with a simple idea, like a seasonal table, or just check the china and linens you have at home figuring out which may combine the best. Let yourself be inspired by other tables you've seen, the flowers of the season, or a color/pattern. Inspiration is such an intangible thing, but you’ll know the feeling when it comes!

Choose what type of setting you'll have

You can start with a basic setting for your table with just a tablecloth and some basic utensils for a casual meal; or a more formal setting, adding pieces. A formal setting usually includes:

*Charger plate, dinner plate, and salad plate.


*Salad fork and dinner fork

*Spoon, dessert spoon, and dinner knife.

*Bread plate, with the appropriate knife

*Water glass and wine glass.

*Tea or coffee cup

You can check my Table Setting Guide to see where each of these pieces should be located on your table.

Select your china

Bring out your plates, glassware, and silver. Using the fine china you probably have stored in the sideboard is great, but you can also get creative and mix-and-match different sets of china. I love using some colorful glassware instead of clear ones to make my setting more dynamic, but you can also do this by choosing a gorgeous tablecloth or placemat to add color and texture.

Add some decor

Select your candlesticks, vases, and flowers. Have in mind the serving pieces that need to fit on the table, it's important to have room for them when it's time to eat! You can also choose to serve from a side table. I love the colorful and natural touch that flowers bring to the table, and always try to choose them according to the season. My favorite way to arrange them on the table is to pick a variety of flowers and split them in little bouquets, set into their own vases throughout the center of the table. When selecting a vase or candles for your arrangement, make sure it isn’t too tall, otherwise, you won’t be able to see each other or talk across the table.

Finally, remember it's not all about how many plates or silverware you arrange at your table, but how you create something meaningful and filled with beauty for the people you love. Get creative with the things you have at home, prepare a delicious meal, and share a moment of joy with your family. Small gestures can become extraordinary memories!


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  • Un artículo de decoración muy bien hecho, me ha encantado. Sigue así!!

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  • Inspiran tus palabras y estilo. Tendré en cuenta todo lo mencionado para hacer mi mesa con mi esposo (quien es padre de un compromiso anterior), pero esta vez yo soy quien se lo celebrará, sobre todo estos días que aun debemos permanecer en casa, pero con todas las ganas de hacerlo ESPECIAL. GRACIAS Mirela :*

    Daniela Belandria on

  • Eres una inspiración, amo lo que escribes, estoy aprendiendo mucho de ti. Bendiciones

    ADriana on

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