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Be productive working from home

Posted by Mirela Mendoza on


I prepared a template for you to organize your day and achieve your goals

A lot of us are implementing the #StayHome approach to keep safe during this uncertain time, but this new dynamic has proven to be a challenge in creating new routines and staying productive. Some people may be having difficulties while working from home. The new schedules, the overwhelming feeling of not being able to achieve your goals or the struggle to stay focused on one activity are all perfectly normal! I want to remind you that it's ok to feel this way, but you should focus on finding a different mindset and taking this all from a positive angle.

That's why I wanted to share a few tips on how to stay productive at home. No matter where your start point is, you should put intention and love into all that you are doing. Keeping yourself motivated it's key. Productivity is just a way to organize and measure your goals, it's a road map that will allow you to achieve what you want. That's why you must remember that it's an ever-changing landscape, and what may have worked for you a month ago, won’t necessarily work for you today. So keep yourself focused on your goals and let's tackle this!

Think Big

Why do you want to be more productive? The first step is to make sure you are working towards something that matters; some big picture goal off in the distance that inspires and excites you. We all have a lot in our minds, but knowing exactly what you wish to achieve will inspire you to keep up.

Define your goals

Once you have defined that big idea, you can break it down in medium tasks like "Finish work by 5 p.m." or "Keeping the house clean". These are tangible objectives you can use to stay focused and measure your success. You can also include specific tasks or projects you must complete.

Make a to-do list

Now it's time to break this into small actions. What are the steps you must complete to complete your tasks? Create a to-do list for every goal. Taking little steps each day will create a mountain of progress. Just be patient and achieve something each and every day. This is a race of endurance, not speed.

Track your time

First, you need to discover which time period during the day you are most productive and effective in, is it morning or maybe noon? Start by writing down everything you do on a regular day, even those "little" social media breaks. This way you'll learn where most of your time is going, and how much of it you are actually investing in achieving your goals.

Create an ideal routine

A way to be more efficient is to make a routine where you use the most productive hours of your day to get the most difficult tasks done. A great tip is to start each day with your most important task, that way you ensure that you put your energy and effort towards something meaningful. You can also group similar tasks, such as answering emails, paying bills and checking kid's homework together. If you need help with this I made a Planner you can download here!

Avoid multitasking

When you try to do multiple things at once, you are unable to do any of those tasks well. Multitasking causes a loss of speed and accuracy due to the fact that our brains are actively switching attention between each activity. The key? Start a task, finish it completely, move onto the next one. This will help to keep you motivated as you see how many tasks get crossed off your to-do list!

Declutter your mind

To be more productive you need to stay focused and avoid distractions, but it’s often difficult when our minds are filled with thoughts and pending tasks that keep popping up at every second. You need to declutter your head! Write down every thought not related to the task you are performing and let them go. This way you can revisit them later when you have more time.

Keep a tidy space

It’s also a great idea to clean off your space - desk, room, kitchen - at the start of a task or the end of your day. Doing so will allow you to start fresh and tackle the task at hand with a clear mind. But be quick and get to work! Here you can check a few tips on how to create the ideal Home Office space.

Take breaks

It sounds counterintuitive, but taking scheduled breaks will improve concentration. Taking short breaks during long tasks helps you to maintain a constant level of performance; while working at a task without breaks leads to a steady decline in performance. Take a break and rest when you need it so that your mind and body are able to function at 100%.

Remember you need to spend time taking care of yourself! Eat balanced, rest, and drink lots of water. Living a healthy lifestyle is an essential productivity habit.

Are you ready to achieve something extraordinary?

I prepared a template for you to organize your day and achieve your goals

It will help you set your goals and motivate you to have a successful day

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