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My keys to become an entrepreneur

Posted by Mirela Mendoza on

Atrévete a ser extraordinario

The world is changing and so are our work dynamics. Many have used these times at home to think about their career goals and what they would like to achieve in the short term. Entrepreneurship is one of those ideas that maybe you had some time ago but, that for one reason or another, has been constantly postponed. Either because you feel that you are not ready, that you don’t have enough resources or that you will not be able to balance your project and your time for your family ... You have to lose that fear!

Creating your own business gives you a feeling of freedom and empowerment. You can build something you are passionate about and watch it grow, being present at every stage of its development. In addition, being your own boss allows you to organize your time and choose the tasks you are more comfortable with, deciding at what pace you want to manage your workload. You have more flexibility to plan trips and vacations, take a break whenever you need it or work in your free time. But it also requires a lot of passion and will power to stay committed to your dreams.

After 7 years fully devoted to my family, I felt that I had to reinvent myself. I couldn't go back to my acting career because the work rhythm didn't fit the needs of my family. At that moment I decided that I needed to find something that I was passionate about, a project to start on my own. My most important job will always be being a mom, but with more time to pursue my passions: Le Papillon Decor Gallery was born. Starting my own business was a great way to continue being present for my children without neglecting that need to reach new goals.

After creating my store I felt that there were still things I wanted to do. Once again I dared to start a new project, inspired by yourselves: my personal brand. That's how my blog, dedicated to empowering, inspiring, and sharing the things that have worked for me, was born. I could now focus on other subjects that interest me a lot, such as wellness and fashion. I confess that many times I was afraid and doubted if I was going to be able to succeed at it, the first step is usually the most difficult.

Sometimes you need to take a deep breath and focus on your purpose! Fear never goes away. In my career it was always said: "It's safe to be insecure". Doubting and planning are part of life, but it is one thing to be afraid and use it as a motor and another to be paralyzed by fear... Even if you're afraid, do it!

That is why I wanted to share some tips that helped me a lot, as well as some of the things I learned when I decided to become an entrepreneur:

Find your passion

The first thing is to know what motivates you, what you would work harder for. There is a very repeated saying that goes "Do what you love and you’ll never work a single day of your life", for me it really means that when you do something you are passionate about, you are willing to work twice as hard to achieve your goals. In addition, having a passion for what you do, will be the engine that inspires others to believe in you and your business.

Commitment above everything else

I believe that the most important value that an entrepreneur must have is an extraordinary commitment to his dream. This implies an absolute determination to start a project and the perseverance to carry it out. There are going to be difficult times and things that you may not enjoy doing, but commitment will help you continue with your purpose and achieve your goals.

Build a team

You’ll have the support of your family to start a business, they will be your main ally in any goal you set for your life. But remember that you also have your friends and a whole community of entrepreneurs to support you; these little connections can become vital relationships for your project. Around you there’s always people willing to help you because they believe in you. As your business grows you can build a team to help you achieve your goals.

It all starts with a plan

Learn about the stories of successful women who created their own business, look for inspiration in the achievements of others.This will help you define an initial plan that takes into account the resources that will be needed and the aspects that will help your business grow. Define how much you want to invest and how you are going to measure the success of your project. Don't forget that, as you start, the plan may change; the important thing is to be focused on your objective.

Perfection is the enemy of good things

When you have your plan developed and you are ready to begin, leave perfection aside. That is usually the ideal excuse to postpone the project until everything is impeccable. Sometimes you just have to start and discover the things you can improve as you go along.

Insist, persist and never desist

Entrepreneurship implies being in constant growth and change. You will learn new things, discover aspects of a business that perhaps you didn’t know before. The most important thing is that you already have a goal set and the commitment to achieve it. Be flexible in modifying the plan; developing the ability to adapt is vital to a successful business. Accept each change as a growth opportunity, which will allow you to reinvent yourself, discover what works and what doesn't. ;

Overcome fear

Fear never goes away, starting your own business is hard work and you need a lot of courage to face all kinds of obstacles. But you must always remind yourself that you are chasing your dreams and that is the most important thing. Trust your plan, lean on the team and never stop feeling passionate about what you do. Even if your project does not have the results you had planned, you are still enjoying a wonderful learning experience.

As human beings, we are capable of achieving extraordinary goals. Even as women, we can balance multiple tasks at the same time, playing roles as diverse as mothers, entrepreneurs, and wives; without leaving behind our individuality and personal goals. Believe in yourself and dare to achieve something extraordinary.

I would love to read your entrepreneur stories!


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