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Spring-Summer Trends for your Table

Posted by Mirela Mendoza on

Just like in decor and fashion, creating a beautiful table is often based on different trends. Since the table decor has gained more relevance, thanks to the exposure from social networks such as Instagram and Pinterest, artists, home decorators, and party hosts have begun to put more thought into how to create a tablescape. Think of your table as a blank canvas, a gathering space to position everything with purpose and create beauty through color and texture. Why setting the table can't be considered a stylish and personalized manner of fashion?

Right now, we are experiencing the Spring-Summer trends, and one of the things I wanted to do with this table was to make my own statement of how the trends could play with my personal style and approach to decor. That's why I set this table thinking about the gorgeous trends that you must keep an eye on!

Mediterranean colors

Blue and white will always be a classic combination, especially for the table. 2020 Pantone Color of the year was Classic Blue, a deep and calming shade that's been very present in every major trend. This year the complementary palettes are focused on the Mediterranean tones. Think of the vastness of sea blue, the white clouds against a perfect blue sky with touches of green and yellow to create that chic and refreshing Mediterranean scene. That's why I chose a blue and white tableware, combined with natural elements.

Natural Elements

One of the trends you'll find often this season is using natural and woven materials. I love how they bring warmth and texture to the table by combining different layers. Think of Raffia, Wicker, Jute, and Bamboo. I chose a woven runner and bamboo flatware to achieve an organic feeling and create a nature-inspired atmosphere.

Rustic and Classic

Mixing styles is something that may seem contradictory when setting your table, mixing sparkling crystal with casual flatware can lead to beautiful results. I enjoy mixing things up when I set the table, it adds depth and a special touch to the whole setting. I wanted to give this table a personal and classy touch by using silver chargers and clear candle holders. I just love how timeless and classic silver can be, and how well it integrates with different elements while setting a table.

Timeless Pieces

Using silver for your serving pieces or your flatware is always a good idea: a classic is always on-trend. Another timeless piece that's been getting a lot of attention the last couple of seasons is blue and white Chinoiserie and Jars. They give a neutral stylish look that complements several color schemes and adds a vibrant touch to your decor.

Playful details

This season is all about embracing a playful tablescape with tons of details. Colored glassware, mixed textures, and patterns will be very present. With my beautiful patterned china, I also chose deep blue colored goblets that made the entire ensemble stand out.

I love mixing trends to achieve an extraordinary setting!

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  • Al mezclar estilos logras un resultado espectacular. Eres una gran inspiradora, me encanta tu estilo y lo elegante que eres.

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