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One of the questions people ask me the most is “what diet are you on?”

Posted by Mirela Mendoza on

Una de las preguntas que más me hacen es ¿Que dieta haces? - Mirela Mendoza

One of the questions people ask me the most is “what diet are you on”


I’ve always been very thin, and I can say that I’ve had the fortune of enjoying delicious meals without worrying too much. But it is also true that since I was little, I learned to eat meal elaborated in a simple way, without many condiments or spices. There was never a soda in my house, only natural juices and water, which I deeply appreciate today! These are the habits that, learnt at home, allow us to lead a balanced life as adults.


I think the relationship with food goes beyond eating. The way you eat often has to do with your relationship with yourself and how you feel. For me, beauty is built from the inside out: a balanced diet is the core of a bright skin, silky hair and a healthy body. How you eat influences your hormones, your immune system and all the internal processes of your body.


That is why it is very important to question to ask yourself what is happening when you fall into excesses. Especially when you know you are hurting yourself. The key is finding some balance. Being able to have a moment to really enjoy certain pleasures and give yourself permission to eat that dessert or having a drink, without these being present on the daily basis. Because eating in a balanced way is the main way to take care of your body and feel good.


It is also true that, with age, things change. The metabolism becomes slower and our hormones work in different way. It is a moment to act and do everything necessary to feel extraordinarily well. In my case, the most important thing is to maintain my muscle mass and my diet is designed for it. I incorporate carbohydrates and proteins; attempting to make 4 to 5 meals a day. I try to avoid refined sugar, so when I travel or have a party, I can enjoy a treat without regrets.


In the end, it's about making the decisions that make you feel comfortable when you eat. Having energy, feeling healthy and having a little treat whenever you feel like it.



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  • Te sigo desde hace muchos años, me encanta tu estilo de vida y q lo compartas con uno, eres un ser excelente y motivadora

    Hilda Rivera on

  • Hola mírela me llamo allínson soy de perú te admiro de la novela soñar no cuesta nada me encanta como actúas y tu forma de ser muchos abrazos ala distancia 🤗

    Allínson on

  • Hola Carla! muchísimas gracias por tus bellas palabras :) me parece una excelente idea!! sería genial hacer algo así me haría muy feliz !

    Mirela Mendoza on

  • Siempre estoy pendiente de lo que publicas, me encanta tu estilo y como eres con tus hijos; AMARÍA a muerte que hicieras tipo agarrar al azar a una mujer y hacerle un makeover y enseñarle cómo puede aplicar tus tips en ella. Yo me ofrezco de primera chicharrona jaja! (@carlalej)

    ¡Eres lo MÁXIMO! on

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