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Seize the mornings and feel the benefits of exercising early!

Posted by Mirela Mendoza on

I must confess it: I am a morning-loving person. The possibility of a new beginning, doing things in the best way and achieving something extraordinary, really motivates me. Therefore, one of my favorite things to make the most out of my day is to start it on the move. Using the first hours of the day to exercise is one of the best decisions I have made.

It changes my mood, I feel much calmer and later I can focus on all the responsibilities of my day to day. Nothing like starting on the right foot, giving it the 100%. It is the best way to beat laziness and just start. If you have a hard time finding a moment to exercise, doing it in the morning gives you the feeling that you "got it out of the way" and you have the day ahead to focus on achieving your goals. It also has many benefits because it increases serotonin levels and helps you sleep better at night.

My children love to do some physical activity in the mornings. At school they have a gymnastics session before going to class that helps them wake up, get energy and allows them to focus better when studying. The benefits are many!

I still understand that you don't always have the motivation to turn off the alarm and put on your running shoes. Something that helps me being more constant is to change the routine a bit. That's why I try to exercise outdoors at least once a week. Changing the scene and breathing all the oxygen that clean air offers you is an excellent way to keep motiva

That is one of the reasons why when I lived in Caracas I loved going up to Ávila. The connection with nature is a boost that motivates you, helps you sweat and fills you with inspiration, there's nothing like being surrounded by beauty and peace. Changing your habits a bit and incorporating new routines helps you get out of tedium, you don't always have to be locked in the gym.

Doing a physical activity in the morning gives you the best possible start. You relax, focus and can face the day with the best spirit. It's been shown that exercise improves your mood and health, there is no greater gesture of self-love than giving ourselves some time to feel good.

Are you ready to start? Let's do it!

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  • A mi me pasa igual… Las primeras horas son las mejores para ejercitarme… Me llena de energía durante el día

    Eglee on

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