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10 steps to be the perfect hostess

Posted by Mirela Mendoza on

For me, being a hostess implies more than receiving guests at home or organizing the perfect event. It is about going beyond and making each of your guests feel at home, served splendidly. Opening the doors of your home to receive a beloved group of people is an act of generosity; taking care of every detail so that even the most intimate gathering feels like a special event. There are some tips that can help you organize the ideal celebration, today I want to share them with you, so you can become the perfect hostess.

 1: Think of your guests

Before you start planning your celebration, the first thing you should know is who your guests will be. This will allow you to prepare every detail thinking about the tastes of those who attend; your goal is to make them feel happy and welcome. Are they from any region? Adapt your menu incorporating some detail that makes them feel at home. You can serve a wine characteristic from their country of origin or decorate your table with their favorite flowers.

 2: Plan and be punctual

You must decide whether you will have a formal or more relaxed event. Personally, I prefer having sitting tables: they allow you to organize the number of people who will be attending, and you'll have more control over the evening. Punctuality is of the utmost importance to me, this will give you time to prepare everything and, most importantly, time to attend to your guests and enjoy with them.

 3: The menu

Food and wine are essential, investigate the appropriate pairings and always have a second option on the menu for any inconvenience a guest may present. I highly recommend including a vegan option and non-alcoholic drinks so everyone can enjoy the evening.

 4: Arrange your table

It is advisable to make an intercalated distribution man woman; separating couples to stimulate the conversation. I always like to take a little risk and invite someone totally unexpected to break the ice and encourage the exchange of ideas among the attendees. Always put the name of your guests on the setting to help them orient themselves better.


 5: Set the mood

Music and lighting are vital to the atmosphere of your celebration. Take care of the details in all the decoration of the space, not only on the table. Turn down the lights and light some candles to create a peaceful environment. The music will set the pace of the evening and you can vary it depending on the moments. Personally, I love having soft music at the beginning to allow my guests to relax and talk a little among themselves, keep in mind the volume should allow the conversation to be the main thing.

 6: Welcome your guests

Always receive people at the door and offer them something on arrival. It is a good idea to have a snack at hand before dinner. I like to have ready to offer a glass of wine or champagne, and leave something light to munch at hand, like a table with cheese, fruits or nuts. It is important that you present those people who do not know each other and are to be very attentive in case they require something.

 7: Encourage the conversation

Remember to enjoy the moment and get involved in the conversations of your guests. You should never leave them alone for more than a few minutes at a time, as the pace of the evening depends on the hostess. Dessert and coffee are the ideal time for the conversation to flow. Learn to let the evening flow by proposing some topics to start the conversation between your guests and redirecting them if necessary, so that everyone has a pleasant evening. The protocol rules indicate that there are issues, such as politics and religion, that should not be discussed at the table.

 8: You are in control

As a hostess you must calculate everything so that your guests enjoy with responsibility and, as the end of the evening approaches, make an elegant transition by stopping to offer alcoholic beverages. You can let your guests know that it's time to say goodbye by offering a cup of coffee or stopping the music.

 9: Make a small detail

I love to make a detail for my guests to take home, thanking their company for a wonderful night. A box of chocolates or macarons with a small card is a perfect idea.


 10: Enjoy the evening

The most important thing for a hostess is to be close and friendly. Many times I realized that, being so worried about organizing even the smallest detail to perfection, when my guests arrived I had no strenght to enjoy the evening. Organize everything very well and take care of the times, but at the moment of the celebration it is important that you stop thinking about the logistic details and interact with the party attendees.

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