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A Mexican table

Posted by Mirela Mendoza on

Traveling is one of my passions. It's a great way to meet new cultures and fill myself with new perspectives. My recent trip to Mexico was an extraordinary source of inspiration with its delicious foods, vibrant culture, and rich design. My creative process is very visual, so I pay close attention to the colors, nature, and shapes around me. Being able to appreciate the culture from this amazing country was an enriching experience. I love learning new things about design and using new elements to create something beautiful, like this table.

One of the things I love to do when I visit a new place is to visit local artisan shops and experience that culture through its art. Mexico is such a rich country in that aspect. Their design elements are mirrors that reflect an ancient cultural history and the artistry of the hands that made them. That's how I do my curatorship at Le Papillon Gallery, looking for pieces or elements that stand out and create harmony.

Setting the Table

I couldn't help but to fall in love with the beauty of these plates. You can see how Mexican artisans create pieces of art honoring the table as a central part of Latin culture. Tables are the focal point of every home and provide the perfect gathering place for family meals. I chose plate by plate, very carefully, and letting each one of them inspire me. I wanted to have a mismatched look, so no two of them are the same. Each design has a particular beauty and a mesmerizing appeal. I combined them with rustic Bamboo flatware and clear blue glasses to keep it simple and organic.

Natural Beauty

For the flowers, I wanted a very relaxed and organic look. I love natural style flower arrangements, which is very ironic because I tend to be a perfectionist. When it comes to flowers I prefer their natural beauty, keeping it real and embracing the appeal of the imperfection. It's my way of respecting how we encounter them in nature and honoring their essence.

I used yellow and purple Buttercups, pink and soft orange Dahlias, purplish Speedwells (also known as Veronicas), and Blushing Bride. I opted for a very classic gold vase, chalice style. I wanted to keep it rustic, so I chose ones with marbled white details.

A colorful tradition

Mexican design never shies away from color. From the facades of colonial buildings to the local art, you can expect to see hot pinks, golden yellows, and deep blues. I wanted to incorporate a lot of color to replicate that vibrance on my table.

When you are using a broad palette, I recommend choosing two main colors for contrast and helping the rest of your arrangement stand out. In this case, blood-red and yellow made the other tones in my flowers shine. As you can see, all the colors in the flowers and the table set needed to be appreciated to stand out. I chose this particular blue because it was present on every plate, and it worked so well on each different design. Paying attention to all of the details really helped me tell a story with this setting.

From Mexico, I loved how the table is cherished for what it represents—a warm home, delicious food, and a sense of reunion that goes far beyond the kitchen. I tried to honor the uniqueness of each piece, the abundance of nature, and the warm faces that made me feel so welcomed. This table celebrates the visuals, rhythms, and landscapes that made me fall in love with this country. Hope you like it as much as I did.