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Be your own Valentine!

Posted by Mirela Mendoza on

Happy Valentines! Today is a beautiful reminder to focus on love. And I mean all kinds of love: family, friends, partners, children, and yes, yourself too. On Valentine’s we celebrate that magical connection with people and the environment that surrounds us, is a fundamental part of life. We come to this world to grow through the relationships we have, but we must never forget the relationship with ourselves.

So many times, we look outside for the most important things in life, particularly love. We focus on making those around us happy and forget about loving ourselves. I faithfully believe in the whole “Love Yourself” movement, you should always remember that you are the most important person in your life. But many times, even when we love ourselves, we make decisions or take attitudes that harm us. If you really loved yourself would you be in a relationship that doesn't make you happy? Would you accept work situations that take time away from being with your family? Would you eat unconsciously, harming your body?

You have to treat yourself as you treat the people you love. As a mother, I see attitudes towards myself that I would not have with my children. Because loving your children means making the best decisions so they can have a good life. You are more aware because you want them to eat well, to get enough sleep, to find their passion and, above all, to be happy. How many things would we stop doing if we treated ourselves with the same love we give our children? Sometimes we are so focused on loving those around us that we leave self-love for later. You don’t eat well, you keep delaying the idea of starting to work out, you go to sleep with your makeup on, you work late every night ...

I believe we must become aware of the things that hurt us and be more empathic to ourselves; You have to make a real connection between what you say, think and do. It is the way to ensure that everything in your life is integrated, that your actions are consistent with your feelings and your love.

When you really love yourself, you understand that you need to take care and protect yourself. Both physically and emotionally. Sometimes we are too hard on ourselves, constantly attacking us with thoughts. We are judging ourselves, depriving ourselves of doing things we enjoy or recriminating mistakes. You can’t only love yourself on the days you achieve incredible things and feel that you can eat the world; You have to do it even more when you make a mistake or fail to achieve what was at the top of your priority list. We must allow ourselves to be wrong sometimes, but always with the conviction that we aim to improve a little every day.

There is this saying that I like, "You can't pour from an empty cup." For everyone around you to feel well, you need to feel good and be at 100%. Putting love first towards you is very important to then be able to share it with the people you love. Starting to love yourself can be as simple as drinking more water, spending more time with your family or even allowing yourself a little treat outside your diet. Remember, it's all about having a balance in life. As a woman, as a mother, as a wife, you are a valuable person and your well-being will become the well-being of those you love.

Today I encourage you to work on the internal dialogue with yourself. Just as love allows us to accept the people around us, we must take that step towards ourselves. Put on the scale how much you value and love yourself. We need to become our own constant source of love, putting energy into the relationship that you have with yourself. Self-love gives you the strength and courage to try new things and pursue your dreams, because you are sure tha

This Valentine's Day begin by loving you!

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