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Which CBD product is right for me?

Posted by Mirela Mendoza on

I love that when I start a conversation with my community, many questions always arise. It is an invitation to investigate and learn more. I recently wrote about CBD, its uses and benefits, and one of the most asked questions was, how to choose the ideal presentation for me?

This can be confusing when we are starting to explore the possibilities of adding CBD oil or other CBD-infused products to our routines. There are presentations in oil, in capsules, some for topical use and others that help with stress and breast cycles, how do you know which one is indicated? So, prepare this quick guide to find the supplement that suits your needs.

A presentation that suits your needs:

Ideally, a supplement is tailored to your needs and can be included in your routine without major problems. When hearing about CBD, what comes to the mind of most people is the oil, as it is the best-known product and has very versatile applications. Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil with 17 mg/ml is a good starting point, as it has a low dose that lets you know how your body is going to react and gives you the possibility to adjust the number of drops. The oil is quite versatile, as you can cook with it, take it sublingually, or even apply it to the skin to help exercise-induced inflammation. If the taste of the hemp is an issue, there is also the option of CBD Capsules. They are much more practical to carry around and since they resemble traditional pills, they are easy for people of all ages to take. The good news is that you’ll get the same benefits of the hemp extract in extra virgin olive oil in vegan capsules.

Address a specific concern:

One of the things that I liked the most about Charlotte's Web and one of the reasons I decided to try this brand is that its natural supplements are also formulated with other ingredients to obtain the most benefits out of CBD according to each need. This is why I love the Gummies.

Calm is formulated for those who seek to promote a feeling of tranquility and improve their concentration, especially in a world full of stress as the one we live in today. In addition to broad-spectrum hemp extract, it includes L-theanine and lemon balm, two natural supplements to aid relaxation. Sleep targets those who want a good night's rest, so it combines hemp extract with melatonin to promote a natural sleep cycle. And Recovery is ideal for promoting joint health, combining hemp extract with ginger and turmeric, two powerful all-natural anti-inflammatories.


Apply in specific areas:

If you want a natural and hydrating formulation for the skin, topical products are the right choice. You can use them when you wake up, after exercising, or before sleeping as part of a comprehensive wellness routine. TheBalm Stickis a very practical presentation and also has menthol, peppermint oil, turmeric oil, and ginger oil. It’s ideal for applying to large areas of the body. TheCooling Gel has arnica and menthol, which makes it ideal for post-workout use. If instead, you want to bring the benefits of CBD to your skin, Charlotte's Web has a Hydrating Cream formulated with aloe vera, coconut oil, sea buckthorn oil, and oat extract.

I hope this quick guide helps you find the ideal product. Something I love about CBD is that it is very versatile and allows you to take full advantage of its benefits by adapting to your routine. Do you already have a favorite?

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Use code MIRELAMENDOZA for a 15% discount

Use code MIRELAMENDOZA for a 15% discount

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